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Email is the backbone of communication in your business. Your employees must be able to communicate seamlessly with one another and your clients. Our Exchange 2013 hosting solution allows this to happen and you don’t have to worry about software, equipment, trouble-shooting, or even licensing issues. Leave it to us.

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With our Exchange 2013 hosting solution your employees will share Calendars, Contacts, Mail Boxes, and have internet access to their email.

The ability of your team to share information is vital to making your business work. Communication must be seamless and intuitive. With Exchange 2013 it is.


Spam equals lost productivity. Spam equals viruses. That’s the bottom line. With our Exchange 2013 hosting solution your mailboxes will have the most up-to-date spam filtering service in place at all times.

Every message that arrives in an employee mailbox must be dealt with. If you are getting a large volume of spam messages you need to setup spam filtering immediately.


If you’ve ever lost your data you know the importance of regular backups. When it comes to emails this is vitally important. Our Exchange 2013 hosting solution comes with automatic backup. Don’t ever lose a message again.

Our automatic email backup is seamlessly integrated with Exchange 2013 and you won’t even know it’s taking place until you need it.

Smart Phones

SmartPhones are taking on increasing importance in the business world and more and more people are using them to do their daily jobs. Our Exchange 2013 hosting solution comes with SmartPhone support. We’ll make sure your employees are connected and working.

Many employees are now working at all times of the day with the SmartPhones. our Exchange 2013 plans allow them to connect to their email anytime, anywhere.

It doesn’t matter how many employees you have, our Exchange 2013 hosting solution can be scaled to your needs. We offer excellent price points and you can call us to get help any time.


Take a look at our various Exchange 2010 plans and call us today if you need more information.

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